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The New Shape

The New Shape


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A new wave, a new feel , a new form of styling seems to be in order. We at The Uomo Co believe that every man in India should be well styled and well groomed and obviously well informed. Taking inspiration from the sartorial streets of Italy and beyond, we created a  menswear collection of careful colours and skillfull styling; to create a new-found love for #formingyourwardrobe. As much as women, men’s wardrobes need a helping hand too!

Roshmin Mehendru , our main man in this sartorial street story pairs both our Essential Shirts with the same pair of pants! Wearing opposing colours like Blue with Green and a bright white shirt with Olive Green doesn’t look so bad , does it?

Rosh (as we all called him on set) is a vivacious, strong and open- hearted guy who happens to have had quite a few adventures in his career. He has written a  column on love and sex, hosted travel shows moving from Ladakh for mountain climbing expeditions,  the elephant face off festival in Kerala, transgender festival in Tamil Nadu, voice of discovery channel and now works with Soho House, Mumbai as member relations.

We asked him a few questions which he very willingly answered for us with a gleaming smile


Bombay Streets? Inspire you or scare you? – The Graffiti & streets of Bombay inspire a controlled chaos


Your go to for having a good laugh?- Dave Chappelle


Your Affirmation for the month or the day or the week ?- Born to win


Must have clothing item every man should have?- Black Chinese collar shirt, White jeans and Black mojris


Grooming / Styling Tips- Stay Bohemian – Retro chic and a play with colors & styles from the beard to the kicks!


What do you think about The Uomo Co?- Style is minimalistic – fresh but yet understated. Adventurous, gregarious, dynamic and centred are some of the amazing words I can describe The Uomo Co with!

Made with lightweight cotton fabrics these shirts have breathable lengths and utility -oriented styles! These men’s shirts are a  sure shot game changer for the Indian man. The Pop Blue shirt brightens the Indian skin tone and The Olive hued pants always work well with an Olive toned skin colour.  The Essential white shirt lends itself well to the Olive colour by making it a definite workwear look too! Treat this shirt as hero piece and see what wonders it can do for you! It’s time to start styling yourself with ease and some minimal madness!

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Write in to us  at care@dapperup.co for any tips on styling, wardrobe or any other personal shopping query. We are here to #formyourwardrobe

Photographer : Rutvij Kotak

Styling : Ria Kanal

Location : The Streets of Bombay, India

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