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The Work Wear Index

The Work Wear Index



To- Do list –

Wake up and Smell the Coffee – Get that Moka Pot brewing
Morning Run = CHECK
Groom that Beard
Drive your way to work , listening to some Hans Zimmer or maybe some jazz?

We’ve got the right sartorial workwear guide ready this morning, to help you style yourself better for a motivated work day. Let’s face it, if you feel good in what you wear, your mind derives confidence to face the day!

Shrey Doshi is a modern man who is always dressed in classic styles and good fits! He inspired us to shoot with him one morning at his office in Bombay( A very inspiring office , we must say).We admit, that it was a busy work day for him, but he enjoyed how these looks were so functional and filled with effortless style!

Shrey studied a Masters in Media and Cultural Studies from the University of Sussex and design was always a passion which he further developed by self-training and gaining inspiration from various different sources! He runs a successful design agency in Mumbai called Yellow Ad Agency So careful details, colours and design are very important to him personally and professionally! ( We were approved!)

Functional workwear at The Uomo Co, transcends into relevance and at the same time into certain “ newness” . We believe in the appeal of practicality, style and a fit with a purpose! Here Shrey has paired two different looks in completely contrasting colours. He has opted for light pastels like The Grey Hued Pant and a Powder Blue and then a Pop Blue Tee styled with a Black Ankle Length Pant!

We asked Shrey a few questions about life and style and here’s his perspective on them :

Q. Bombay Streets? Inspire you or scare you?
A. Inspire me, they have so much character.

Q. Your go-to for having a good laugh?
A. My friends

Q. Dream country to visit?
A. Peru

Q. Whose your design icon?
A. Wes Anderson

Q. Must have clothing item every man should have?
A. Baby Pink Shirt

Q. Grooming / Styling Tips ( Please mentions something from The Uomo Co’s collection here too
A. Invest in good colognes and hair products

Q. What do you think about The Uomo Co? – You can say things like cool and stylish looks for the avid traveller, etc and how it feels on your body etc – ( To create tangibility)
A. Uomo Co has completely redefined fashion for men with clothing that is comfortable, classy and casual rolled into one. Perfect for the contemporary man.

Q. Do you believe in affirmations? If so which is your favourite one?
A. I believe in the positive powers of affirmations. Tough to choose a favourite but if I had to pick it would be, “now i choose to be happy, healthy and wise”

We love the way Shrey has created a distinctive yet understated workwear palette that has possibly broken the monotony of usual workwear! So try not to stay quintessential but lend your style well to different silhouettes , to stand out!

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Photographer : Rutvij Kotak

Styling : Ria Kanal

Location : Yellow Ad Agency, Worli Mumbai

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