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It’s practically the start of the festive season here in India, which means our moodboards involve colour and happiness and lots of Indian sweets!

We are inspired by everything festive , from marigold flowers to mangoes! Our Mango coloured inspired shirts are doing quite the rounds with all body shapes in the menswear department this year!

Introducing Size XL blogger Akash, who carries himself in bright colours and stripes. These colours and prints are polar opposites but proven ; when carried with confidence can be worn from 9-To-9!

While walking effortlessly on the streets Of Poona, India Akash gave us a few insights in to his life and what he feels about good dressing!


Must have clothing item every man should have? – I could name quite a few, like a pair of oxfords, a smart grown up  watch, chino’s, dark denims, white/black t shirt! Personally think its very important for every man to have a nice plain white/Black button down shirt.

Its basic, its smart, its versatile, it can be paired with denims, chinos, trousers, jackets, can be worn tucked in, left out, you can use it for layered looks, etc


Grooming / Styling Tips – 

# Fit – The fit of your clothes is very important, anything too loose looks shabby! To maintain a good fit where it comes to your outfits, always make sure you know and have a go to tailor to get your garments altered according to your body..

# Experiment – with colours, checks, stripes & patterns, try layered styles!

Here’s a Tip – Check out The Uomoco’s Summer Striped Shirt (yellow button) / (blue button), try wearing a plain white, grey, blue or yellow tee under that (round/v neck)..  Trust me, that look is sick..

In fact, you could even get Uomoco’s Blue holiday tee and rock it under The Summer Striped shirt (blue button)!


What do you think about The Uomo Co? -My favourite part about THE UOMOCO is their designs which are simple with minimal detailing! For eg, their coloured buttons that contrast their shirts look and feel super suave!

We’re here to tell you, by being a bit on the heavier side, shouldn’t stop you from wearing game-changing colours, prints or patterns! Follow your sartorial instinct to stand out!

Write in to us at care@dapperup.co for any tips on styling, wardrobe or any other personal shopping query. We are here to #formyourwardrobe

Photographer : Vinita Nagrani Photography

Styling : Ria Kanal

Location : Streets of Pune, India

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